ASAS Dairy farm is one of the oldest entities in the ASAS group.

It was established in the early 80s in Iringa Region, Southern Highlands. The Region boast of lovely climate with high volumes of rainfall annually.

The Farm has since grown into a large Farming enterprise sitting on over 2000 acres of green land with impressive natural vegetation.

Our breeds range from Fresians, Ayshires, Jerseys and Danish Reds. We use Artificial insemination using high grade breeds imported from the best breeds in Europe.

In 2006, we imported Danish Red breeds from the two best bulls in Denmark supplied by Viking Genetics. These breeds have a high milk yield and we believe will help improve significantly our milk production especiall to counter the high demand from our processing plant.

At each of our farms, we have resident veterinarians to ensure good health of our cattle.

Milking machines have also been introduced in our endeavor to modernise further our farming methods.

Since the dairy firm we a predecessor to the ASAS Dairies Ltd which is into Milk processing, we foresee high rates of growth since there is to a good extent assured market for the milk.