Proudly Tanzanian.

ASAS Group of Companies is one of the oldest and biggest business groups in Tanzania. The mother company which was formerly known as A. S. ABRI Transporters was established in 1936. As time went on and services were expanded, ASAS was formed in 1978 as a group of companies that went beyond transportation and cargo services.


In 1936, Mr. A.S. Abri managed to buy his first truck and decided to venture out into the transportation business originally set up in Iringa, Tanzania.


In 1978 the company evolved to what is now known as “ASAS Transporters Company Limited” as a constituent company of the ASAS GROUP OF COMPANIES.

01. Vison

A well managed, customer focused and highly performing transportation services organisation that compares favourably with other best private transport companies in Eastern and central Africa.

02. Mission

To timely provide reliable, competent, safe and value for money transportation services to both public and private customers as well as running a safe and quality service stations and dairy farming services.

03. Values

We consider being a values-driven organization to be one of the core strengths of our Company. By adhering to these core values at all times, our employees strive every day to achieve our Vision to be a leader in the industry.

No Matter What

Excellent in all we do.

Through diligent management, a strict adherence to maintenance of high service standards and total dedication by the owners of the company, the company is today seen as one of the most prosperous and efficient transportation companies in Tanzania. The company aspires to be a leading provider of transportation solutions in Tanzania for the delivery of bulk fuel supplies, containers and dry cargo.


Of Experience

The experience garner over its 84 years of operations coupled with good management ensures that the company continues to maintain its relationship with its major clients and ensures a new influx of new clients with each passing day.

Values-driven organization

By adhering to these core values at all times, our employees strive every day to achieve our Vision to be a leader in the industry. ASAS shall be defined by the following values which every member of staff shall uphold and demonstrate:



We are committed to provide value to our clients.


We deal with honesty and sincerity with fellow staff and our partners.


We always aware of how our actions can benefit the needs of the environment.


We are fair and impartial in all of our official dealings, decisions and activities.

Team work

Interdependence and mutual facilitative roles enable us to meet its mandate.


We are ambitious enough to work to achieve good results for the Company.