Over 4000 acres of green land.

Established in the early 80s in the Iringa region of Southern Highlands. The region has a lovely climate with high volumes of annual rainfall.

Dairy breeds.

Established In the 80s to provide quality milk products to the local market.

We use artificial insemination as a reproduction tactic for high grade breeds imported from Europe resulting in breeds such as Friesians, Ayshires, Jerseys and Danish Reds.

We ensure the consistency and quality of milk produced by local farmers by;

We ensure consistency and quality of milk produced by the farmers supplying milk to the company through;

  • Improving the genetic potential of local herds.
  • Facilitating the availability of low cost animal inputs.
  • Establishing a farmer led Enterprise Development Fund.
Variety of breeds.

We Imported Danish Red in 2006

Specimen from bulls in Denmark supplied by Viking Genetics. This breed has a high milk yield which will significantly improve milk production.

We also keep other livestocks

Camels & Horses

In addition to cows, we also have camels and horses. Lovely creatures that add to the rustic, natural feel and charm of the farm.



Our farm not only have dairy cows, we also keep horses.